Stainless-Steel Football – Charity Donations

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Stainless-Steel Football – Charity Donations

Varied sf | Seattle, WA | Specialty Metals

Several years ago, Hermanson's Specialty Metals crews started building the prototype for our unique stainless-steel footballs. Only a few of these beautiful items are built each year, and with the help of our local football heroes at the Seattle Seahawks and the University of Washington, have become popular auction items for charitable organizations.

Built of polished stainless with copper laces, the footballs have been signed by local football legends. These Hermanson-built masterpieces have raised funds for a wide range of charitable organizations including:

  • The American Heart Association
  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Seattle Children's Hospital Families for Early Autism Treatment
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center
  • A Better Seattle
  • Long Live the Kings
  • And many more...

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