Google Lakefront Blocks

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Google Lakefront Blocks

620,000 sf | Seattle, WA | Highrise, Hospitality & Office

Hermanson Company is in the process of constructing the Lakefront Blocks in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle. This new development will include 620,000 sf of Class A commercial office space for Google. Each building will include fitness areas, cafes, meeting spaces, recreation areas, office spaces, and outdoor roof terraces.

The buildings will incorporate an Active Chilled Beam heating/cooling system, with a high-performance heating and cooling central plant with rooftop Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) air handling unit to serve each office tower. Active chilled/heated beams will be located on the floors to provide zone level heating and cooling for perimeter zones. Interior zones are served by a re-circulation chilled water air handling unit located on the floor and zone VAV terminal units with cooling coils on plenum inlet air.

Google’s Lakefront Blocks project is targeting LEED Platinum Certification.

In Progress