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In working with School Districts throughout the Puget Sound region, we have helped improve, update, repair, and increase efficiency of mechanical systems, focusing on achieving the highest value for the dollars spent.

Clover Park School District (2014)
Lakewood, Washington
For the Clover Park School District project, the customer had an idea of what they needed, but wanted a comprehensive report to discover any other EEMs or ideas. During the first phase of this energy project for the Clover Park School District, Hermanson replaced approximately 45 water-source heat pumps and over two miles of hydronic pipe at the high school within a two month period during the summer months while school was out. The second phase consisted of replacing the rest of the water-source heat pumps at the high school along with a complete HVAC and controls upgrade project at a second school and lighting upgrades at three additional schools in the district.

Account Executive – Jacob Besagno
Project Manager – Terese Anderson
Labor Leads – Jack Angeline & Mike Liephart

Kennedy High School (2014)
Burien, Washington
The Kennedy High School project was two-phased to retrofit the third floor science classrooms. Hermanson was able to redesign the piping system to save over $50,000 of piping work. This project was full mechanical design-build.

Account Executive – Jacob Besagno
Project Manager – Jay Danner
Labor Lead – Bill Miller