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Air Liquide (2015)
Kent, Washington
For this project, Hermanson completed the fast-tracked full mechanical design-build install of new argon tank with a full re-pipe of a 4” stainless steel gas line. The project included a great deal of specialty shop welding of pipe, setting a 40’ Cold Box and installing pylons 30’ into the ground to secure the base.

Account Executive – Jacob Besagno
Project Manager – Ken Dyckman
Labor Lead – Mike Stedman

Tim’s Cascade – Pinnacle Foods Manufacturing Building (2017)
Auburn, Washington
For this project, Hermanson installed four 75-horsepower supply fans and four large exhaust fans to pressurize the building per health and design standards and to solve pressurization issues that the client had been experiencing. This challenging project involved customized solutions for roof structural issues in supporting the weight of the new equipment. Hermanson developed and designed custom filter banks that resided on the back of the building.

Account Executive – Chris Kettman
Labor Lead – Jack Angeline