Articles in Foreman Focus Friday

Sep 27, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Company News

“I have always been mechanically inclined,” recalls Hermanson Plumbing Foreman Chris Flanigan, “and early-on friends steered me toward a career in the plumbing and fitting trade. It has turned out to be great advice.” Chris works at one of Hermanson’s Oregon jobs in Beaverton and has been on the job since January 2018. Before Hermanson, Chris worked for small contractors in the Portland area and rotated between service and new commercial construction. He is a member of the Local 290 which is a sister chapter to the Seattle area’s Local 32. Married and step-dad to two teenagers, Chris and his family enjoy... Read More

Aug 30, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Company News

Vanessa Carman is not only a worthy candidate for Hermanson’s Friday Foreman Focus, but we believe she could be a serious contender for Woman of the Year.Vanesa is the Trimble/RTS foreman specializing in Trimble layout and is currently based at Google Block 25. “I think it’s amazing how far construction technology has come in such a short amount of time,” says Vanessa, “I remember being on layout crews as a new apprentice and it would take a week to complete a single floor, now using Trimble that same layout could be done in one day!”In 2003, Vanessa’s brother prompted her... Read More

Jul 26, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Company News

Hermanson Plumbing Foreman Kolin Kozlowski entered the trade eleven years ago at the urging of friends and has never regretted that decision.During his four years with Hermanson, Kolin has worked on a range of projects including downtown high-rise buildings, renovations, and healthcare facilities. He has specific expertise in Trimble® operations and finds the technology increases manpower efficiency and accuracy. “Before Trimble®, the task of positioning hangers involved an army of workers with tape measures,” says Kolin, ”Now technology sets the points and a tape measure does a quick check.” Kolin has spent most of his career at Hermanson working on... Read More

Jun 28, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Company News

June’s Foreman Focus Friday is bittersweet as we recognize an amazing leader while also wishing him a happy retirement. Dave Gordon has spent the twilight of his career at Hermanson over the past eight years. He grew up in a family of tradesmen, including his grandfather and uncle who were plumbers and a pipefitter brother. At age 19, Dave joined Local 32 as a helper and soon finished his apprenticeship. He has spent his entire career working in the mechanical industry. Dave considers communication with clients to be his strong suit and credits support from Hermanson’s Safety Team, Detailing and Shipping/Receiving departments... Read More

May 31, 2019 | Source: Hermanson Marketing Feature Photo Credit // John Beck Company News

When Hermanson Service Foreman, John Beck, was growing up he wanted to be an architect.“I soon realized how stationary that job would be, so I turned to HVAC instead,” says John, “I love this trade and have for 20 years!”John considers himself an almost native, having lived in the Olympia area for the last 32 years. He went off to Phoenix to attend Universal Technical Institute to learn HVAC systems for a year, then returned to the Pacific Northwest. John is not afraid to work on anything that heats or cools and considers working on Mitsubishi City Multi, heat pumps,... Read More