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Women of Hermanson: SeaTac North Satellite Expansion Job Site Tour

Posted August 17th 2018 (permalink)

The Women of Hermanson recently joined with Hensel Phelps to organize a job site tour of the North Satellite Expansion project at SeaTac Airport.

The North Satellite Modernization Project consists of expanding and completely renovating the existing 44-year-old facility to better serve passengers and respond to continuing growth at Sea-Tac International Airport. The project will serve as Alaska Airlines new flagship hub at Sea-Tac and will include a new Alaska Airlines Boardroom and new concessions.

About WOH: The Women of Hermanson group, WOH (pronounced “whoa!”) was started in the summer of 2017 with the purpose of providing Hermanson’s female employees with a network to interact with each other socially, empower each other professionally, and inspire the next generation of women in construction through networking, mentoring, and community service.

GoPro For A Day: Vanessa Carman

Posted June 6th 2018 (permalink)

If you’re in the construction industry, you may have heard of a Trimble, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it does or how it’s used.

In this installment of Hermanson’s “GoPro For A Day” series, our cameras follow Sheet Metal Journeyman and Trimble Operator Vanessa Carman through the Trimble process out at the Harrison Hospital Acute Care Expansion project in Silverdale to show you what a typical “day in the life” of a Trimble Operator looks like.

The Trimble is a robotic instrument used to accurately measure slope distances and mark installation points for sleeves and hangers in the building deck to provide paths and support Mechanical & Plumbing systems. Use of this technology achieves significant increases in field productivity.

At the beginning of the video, Vanessa sets up the Trimble by strapping a column clamp to a column. This clamp will keep the "robot" level and within sight of the “prism,” the endpoint for measurement. The large yellow laser is called a robotic total station (RTS) or robot for short. When Vanessa installs the robot onto the clamp, she will need to level the base for accurate readings.

Then, Vanessa uses a layout rod with a prism attached to the top. The prism communicates with the robot to establish distance. Also attached to the rod is a tablet showing "points" that represent where hangers or sleeves need to be installed. When the layout rod is positioned correctly, the table will show a checkmark, signifying that it’s time to mark the point. Vanessa uses a punch to mark where to install hangers and sleeves.

Using Vanessa’s punch, the plywood is marked with an identifying label. Different colors are used to identify which trade will use the mark and what kind of hanger or sleeve is needed. The team will hammer "bangers" into the plywood at the marked positions. Embedded in the middle of the banger is a thread that will later be used to install hangers.

Used in both new construction and major renovation, the precise work of Vanessa and her team is critical to the efficient mechanical system installation.

GoPro For A Day: Tina Dannewitz

Posted May 7th 2018 (permalink)

In the second installment of Hermanson’s “GoPro for a Day” series, cameras follow Sheet Metal Journeyman Tina Dannewitz through the fabrication of air duct sections in the Hermanson metal shop in Kent.

Tina operates a coil line ductwork manufacturing machine, which uses large spools of galvanized sheet metal to fabricate “L” shaped duct pieces. Each “L” piece is one-half of a pair, which combined together will create a complete section of rectangular ductwork.

The process starts by pulling the required flat sheet metal from a spool and feeding it into the machine. According to the settings entered by Tina, the machine will cut the steel to the exact length, punch out notches for seams and connectors, roll the seams and connectors onto the metal, apply spray adhesive for insulation, apply the insulation, weld pins to the metal to secure the insulation and, finally, bend the flat ductwork up into an "L" shape. After the "L" shape ductwork comes off the coil-line, Tina will use a TDC corner to insert corners into the TDC connector. The corners are not only for stiffening but for later connecting to other pieces of duct.

After the sheet metal sections are complete, they are assembled into complete duct and sent to their destinations in buildings across the Puget Sound Region.

Watch the video below to see Tina complete the process from start to finish!

Women of Hermanson: Self-Defense Class

Posted March 16th 2018 (permalink)

Last month, Hermanson invited Fighting Chance Seattle to the Tukwila Community Center to give a self-defense training course to the ladies from our women’s group, Women of Hermanson (WOH).

The “Designed for Survival” program, taught by Fighting Chance Seattle’s owner and head instructor, Jordan Giarratano, provided a mix of soft skills and hard skills with a focus on awareness, identifying unsafe situations, reacting immediately, and basic physical self-defense practices.

The program began with Jordan explaining how to set boundaries and to simply say yes and conversely, how to say no (it’s harder than you might think!). Once the basic self-defense principles were reviewed, the classroom tables and chairs were cleared away for the hands-on portion of training. This is when the fun began! The women donned boxing punch mitts and learned how to harness their power to punch and fight off an attacker. Overall, the women learned the value of embracing their fears, trusting their intuitions, and how to use their bodies as a weapon, should they ever need to defend themselves.

For more information on Fighting Chance Seattle, please visit their website:

The Women of Hermanson group, WOH (pronounced “whoa!”) was started in the summer of 2017 with the purpose of providing Hermanson’s female employees with a network to interact with each other socially, empower each other professionally, and inspire the next generation of women in construction through networking, mentoring, and community service.

GoPro For A Day: Soph Davenberry

Posted March 9th 2018 (permalink)

The best way to determine if an installed commercial HVAC system is running properly is to have it tested!

In the video below, follow Hermanson TABB Field Engineer Soph Davenberry through the Test, Adjust, and Balance (TAB) process of a packaged HVAC rooftop unit at a leased commercial space in Georgetown to see if the equipment is operating per design.

This is the first video in the “GoPro For A Day” series where Hermanson will follow employees on the job to give you an insider’s look into the mechanical construction field. Stay tuned!

Hermanson & Local 66 Women’s Committee construct centerpieces for WWT’s Dream Big Dinner

Posted November 21st 2017 (permalink)

Over 39 years ago, the Washington Women in Trades Association was formed to develop a support network for women who worked in the trades.

This year, Hermanson was pleased to provide table centerpieces for WWT’s annual “Dream Big Dinner” awards banquet and celebration of Women in the Trades.

Vanessa Carman, chair of the Local 66 Women’s Committee and Hermanson’s Trimble Operator, designed sheet metal tool box centerpieces and invited members of both the Local 66 Sheet Metal Workers Women’s Committee and the Women of Hermanson (WOH) to assemble the centerpieces. The ladies joined Vanessa in the Hermanson shop and got to work! The results were beautiful!

Congratulations to everybody involved with the Dream Big Dinner!



Women of Hermanson helping enhance the community

Posted October 2nd 2017 (permalink)

This past weekend, a group of volunteers from Hermanson Company’s newly formed women’s group, Women of Hermanson (WOH), participated in NAIOP’s Community Enhancement 2017 at Farmer Frog in Woodinville.

Farmer Frog is a sustainable, educational farm in Woodinville that turns underutilized sites into environmentally sound, food-producing farms and gardens, providing a learning environment for students and families to grow food for themselves and their community.

The Hermanson volunteer group worked at Station 11 creating “mushroom logs;” drilling holes into large logs and planting mushroom plugs. Once all the mushrooms were planted, they moved on to work in the orchard, where they spent some time digging out old blackberry bushes.

In addition to volunteering, Hermanson sponsored this year’s event and donated PVC to build nine aquaponic growing stations. Farmer Frog’s long-term goal is to become a model to help other communities replicate their methodology. This project will be the catalyst to help them become a self-sufficient organization.

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